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February 9, 2009

Shooting Tethered With Olympus E-System Cameras (E-420, E520, E-3, E30 etc.)

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The only way to shoot tether with the E- Cameras previously is to purchase the Olympus Studio 2 program. However, for $100, it’s a bit overkill if all you need from that program is the tethered shooting support, and use other programs such as ACDSee or Lightroom etc. for browsing or image processing. Since I am a software developer, I wrote my own. The job is significantly easier since Olympus publishes a SDK. I call it ImageCraft E-Capture.  You can get it by visiting, and click on “Photo Software” button on the left (the web site will be modified by this evening Feb 08 PST). It only costs $10… (Click on …more… to read the readme file)

ImageCraft E-Capture
Copyright (C) 2009 ImageCraft Creations Inc.

E-Capture is a program that performs a simple task: it captures images from an Olympus E-System camera tethered to the PC’s USB port and saves the images to disk as fast as possible. It does not display images, nor does it have an image browser, leaving that job to an image browsing or cataloging program such as ACDSee, Bibble, Lightroom etc.

Since it is a very small program, it is much faster to use than Olympus Studio 2 for those who are only interested in the tether support of Studio 2. All E-System cameras are supported, from the original E-1 to the latest E-30.

Currently, E-Capture only saves the images to disk. In some future release, we may support direct export to Lightroom. Currently, if you are using Lightroom, you will need to set up Lightroom to auto-import images from E-Capture’s output directory.

The images are named as a sequence of 2 digits: yymmddhrmn for year, month, day, hour, minutes respectively, and if necessary, an additional 2 digit second value is added to make the file names unique. The file extension is .ORF for RAW files and .JPG for JPEG files.

To use E-capture, invoke the program. Then attach your E-System camera to the PC’s USB port and turn on the camera. On the camera’s control LCD, select “Control” and hit OK. The program will recognize your camera automatically. If you attach another E-System camera when one is already under the program’s control, you have the option to choose whether to switch control to the new camera. You may detach the camera at any time except during image downloading.

The program is protected, and will not save images after 15 days unless you purchase a license ($10). To purchase, go to and click on the “Photo Software” button.

Once we process your order, we will send you the registration name and a license key. Enter the info to the Help->”Register Software” dialog box and click “License” to activate your license.


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