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February 22, 2009

Fund for a Large Format Panoramic Camera

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Some of my best pictures are in panoramic format. It speaks to me at many levels. All of my panoramic are shot using a Fuji TX-2, which is the same as a Hasselblad XPan-2. It is not much larger than a 35mm camera (and smaller than most dSLRs)  and uses almost 2 frames of the 35mm for each panoramic frame. At 24x65mm, it has a ratio of 2.7x on the long side.

However, as this point of my photographic journey, I am considering moving to a large format panoramic. How large is large? How about 6×17 (cm) or 2.4×6.7 (in)? The ratio is nearly identical to the XPan but the negative is much bigger,  about 6.5X as large in area size. This means a much better tonal quality and sharpness.

Prior to 2005, the only choices of 6×17 cameras are $5000-$10000 boxes from Germany and Japan. Fortunately, the market opens up when a few Chinese manufacturers entered the market. The basic camera is really just a simple box, but their latest versions include features that the highly acclaimed $5000 Fuji GX617 does not have, for $1000-$1200. Since it uses any old large format lens, the choice is plenty and the cost is much more sane than 35mm lens.

I have sold some cameras and lens recently to cover some payments and I have reserved a small amount for the fund to purchase a Gaoersi 6×17 camera, but I have some ways to go. So here’s the deal: if you purchase a fine art print from (I just printed this one out on 16×16 rice paper, it looks gorgeous), the money goes to a 61×7 camera fund. If you want to donate a few dollars, click on the paypal button below. If you ever want to purchase a print later, I will deduct the donation.

Thank you.  (The Paypal page says “ImageCraft Creations Inc.,” that’s me 🙂 )


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  1. Lovely shot. The light cascading over the hills is so nice! Panoramic shots are so cool, thanks for sharing.

    Comment by tayloradamswift — February 23, 2009 @ 12:20 am

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