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May 29, 2009

The 6×7 Tonality

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When I got back into photography in 2003 (and suffering a bit of the mid-life crisis), I decided to either get a Leica M7 or a Mamiya 7. In the end, the Leica won out due to its portability, but the size of the 6cmx7cm negative of the Mamiya 7II always calls to me.

A while ago, much to  distress, I had to sell off the Epson R-D1 to pay some bills. That was never a good feeling to have to do that. Now that the finance is slightly improved, I compensated by getting a fairly good deal on a Mamiya 7II. Of course I immediately took it to my favorite new camera/lens testing spot – the Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden at Stanford. Developing 120 B&W film was no problem, neither is scanning the negatives really, but it does take a long time to scan such huge negatives. So I only have a couple scanned so far.

The results? Judge for yourselves. I love the TX-320 tonality!

More to come tomorrow!!


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