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July 5, 2009

Cranes Over Alameda

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Every time we drive by the Oakland area on 880, I’d think how wonderful it would be to stop the car right …. *there* and take some photos of the cranes. The vantage point is perfect and the cranes look like giant horses or the Imperial AT-ATs from the Star Wars (I am told that in fact the At-At design was based on these cranes). One time we even got off the highway to driver to the berth to see if we could get some photos, but then realized that in a post 9-11 climate, we would likely get hassled by “security” guards.

So to my surprise, I saw some crane photos from one of our friends that look like she was right there. Turns out that you can see them pretty well from the Alameda (island). So yesterday we went out there to meet up with her. I had B&W films loaded in my Mamiya 7II and I handed my Olympus E-3 with the forearm sized 35-100 (75-200mm equiv.) lens to my wife and said, “Here, you take that.”

The results are quite interesting. Actually, my wife is the true artist of the family, I am just a hack. While she doesn’t know much about the technical aspect of the camera equipments, she has a good eye:

The rest of her photos are here.

My photos took a while to process and scan:

The rest of my photos are here.

Nice contrast to see how we see things differently, often dictated by the equipments we use.


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