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September 28, 2009

There and Back Again, Yosemite Panoramic Trail

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While Burns’ series “The National Park” started on TV, my friend and I went to Yosemite to do some hiking. We select the 8+ miles Panoramic Trail from Glacial Point down to the Valley floor. The hike is on a high end of moderate to low end of difficulty level (Half Dome hike is very difficult and the death march to El Capitan would be “insane.” I plan to do El Cap one day). What I did not realize was that while my friend walks a couple miles a day, she has no prior hiking experience per se. The uphill portion gave her some trouble as the air is thin and the vertical climb is steep, but she soldiered on and really did a great job. It was a great hiking experience.

I shot about 100 pics on the Leica M8.u, and about the same amount on the medium format slides/BW. The latter set will have to wait for the film to develop and to be scanned in, but here’s the set from the Leica. The M8.u suffered a fall onto the concrete flooring in the Housekeeping cabin as we were rushing to catch the bus to Glacial Point. The filter and hood are a goner, but the camera and lens seem to be OK. I suspect it will cost a few hundred bucks to replace the front ring retainer of the lens 😦

Enjoy the slideshow here:

and a sample pic:


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