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February 20, 2010

New Portfolio and “Fractal Branches”

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Also a new portfolio here:


November 11, 2009

The Darkroom is Alive…

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Darkroom has been dying since the onslaught of the dSLR. For Fine Art photography though, there are reasons to continue to use film and have a darkroom setup. This is not a “Digital vs. Film” question, keep in mind is that B&W film printed in the darkroom is a different medium than inkjet prints. It’s not necessarily better, but give you a different way of expressing your creativity. Moreover, with prices dropping to the floor, you can pick up a medium format setup, including a camera system, plus a darkroom, for pennies on the dollars. If you go with the medium format route, the bigger negative size of medium format would give you much more details and tonal range than most digital solutions, at a much lower cost. High ISO also excels: Delta 3200 on a 6×7 neg look as smooth as a good ISO 200-400 35mm film.

You can also set up a darkroom with some of the state of the arts tools with little cost. For example, I have the following:

  • a 4×5 enlarger with a color head, bought for $250. New they go for $1200 for the enlarger and $500 for the head.
  • rodenstock top of the line enlarger lens for ~$100 each. New they go for $400-$800!
  • a nova print processor for a couple hundreds. It keeps the chemical fresh for months and are smaller (but taller) than a 13 inch printer.
  • a F stop timer

Those plus a few trays, safelight etc. and you have everything you need to print.


Do keep safety in mind of though. Some of these chemicals can be quite toxic, especially certain types of developer (for film). Keep the room ventilated, avoid touching any of the chemical, whether it is in liquid, powder, or vapor forms. Use tongs or gloves. Basically, be sensitive. These are chemicals, and you will likely be Okay.

August 1, 2009

Heart Sutra

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A couple years ago, I promised my sister I would write the Heart Sutra (known as “Buddhism in 250+ words”) for her. Copying the Heart Sutra is a favorite past time of many Buddhists and calligraphers. This is about one third, the mug is there to show scale. Probably will redo as it’s OK, but not good enough, I think.

I also did a martial arts poem (written by a famous martial artist)

It reads:
Deep in the mountain dwells a fierce tiger
The vast ocean hides a flood dragon
Hidden in the deep not showing

(hmm… needs better translation)

(click ..more.. to see)


July 14, 2009

My Book Signing this Friday, July 17

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I was in the Stanford’s Continuing Education class Self Publishing Your Photo Book this past Spring, and now the fruits of our labor are ready to be unleashed into the world 🙂 The course was taught by Brigitte Carnochan and there are about 20 people in the class. For a few people, they had the book practically all planned at the start of the class. For others, it took a bit more work.

For me personally, at the 3rd session when we were presenting our materials to our peers and when we should already have most of the images nailed down, I was looking at just a dozen images that I didn’t know what to do with. One of co-instructors said to me, “Richard, I feel like you are holding out on me, these are (good) images but they are not cohesive to tell a story.” It was definitely a “uh oh, what do I do now” moment.

And so it goes. I learned a lot about pacing, editing, and presentation. My book combines my love for photography and calligraphy, and the theme of Asian Spiritual worship in its core. You can get a 15 page preview of my book Full Circle here:

A special edition of 10 copies is available for $100, each comes with an archival print and a hand written calligraphy of “Full Circle.”

I hope you can join us this Friday from 7-10PM at the Modern Book Gallery, 494 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA. You may purchase the books at that time.

June 29, 2009

“Full Circle,” My First Book

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Over at!! “Full Circle,” by Richard Man. Buddhist, Daoist, and Shinto images from Hong Kong and Japan, accented by Chinese calligraphy. You can get a preview of the first 15 pages from the blurb site.

More than just a photo journal book, the photos are arranged in themes. I am sorry that it’s a bit pricey, but unfortunately blurb has a high overhead for premium photobooks. There are over 30 photos, most of which are full size panoramic ~8.5×22″. There are interleaving calligraphy (with English translation), acting as chapter markers. The content and format make this a unique book.

Signed copies available directly from me. Limited edition of 10, each one with a fine arts archival print and an individual calligraphy of “full circle,” available for $99.99.

Please spread the words!

Modernbook Gallery has a book signing on July 17th, 7PM-10PM. I hope to see you there.

February 9, 2009

Storm Clouds and New Website

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First, my new website is live!!! You can look at the Portfolio, purchase Fine Art Prints etc. Let me know what you think. Second, a picture: “Storm Clouds:”

January 30, 2009

FS: Fine Arts Prints

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IMHO, this print really captures spirit of the Chinese paining style of photography that I have been working on for the past few years. Now you can own a print of it on the finest Japanese washi (rice paper) for $50 (US), $58 (non-US) shipping included. The chop will be hand done:

I added a black border which makes the image stand out even more.

Please support your “local” artist, our Firstborn just got accepted by (hopefully first of many) a college. Financial aids status unknown. Thank you.

Other prints shown on this blog are also for sale. Inquire if interested.

January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

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The Chinese reads, :Happy New Year!: 🙂

May the Year of the Water Ox bring you much joy.

January 24, 2009

A Picture 5 Years In The Making

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Ever since I took this photo in a rainy afternoon in Calistoga (home of the mud bath) in 2003 or 2004, I kept coming back to it, trying to make it work. Finally, I think I found a crop that I like:

The cropping is very minor, just a bit on the right and left, but it makes a difference. The Chinese reads, “Wind (and) Rain.”

What do you think?

January 20, 2009

Journey in Mt. Tam

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