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February 20, 2010

New Portfolio and “Fractal Branches”

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Also a new portfolio here:


December 8, 2009

The Eye In The Woods

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I collected the Big Basin photos as a mini-photo essays. Check it out. Click:

Teaser pic 🙂

November 22, 2009

Point Lobos

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The Northern and Southern trails run along this small California state park, perhaps for no more than 2 or 3 miles, but what a sight to behold. While Yosemite reminds you how small you are with its giant granite faces and unreal sized trees, Point Lobos is different. With the sea lions barking in the distance, the waves pounding at the rocks, the cypress trees stand proudly, it’s a unique place like no others. The ocean waves calm you, the texture of the beaches mesmerize you. No wonder this is the place where three generations of the Weston called home, and in their honor, in turn they named a beach after them.

A full set of 15 photos can be found here:

p.s. some people  inquired earlier: yes, any photos on my sites are for sale. Send me email if interested.

July 14, 2009

My Book Signing this Friday, July 17

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I was in the Stanford’s Continuing Education class Self Publishing Your Photo Book this past Spring, and now the fruits of our labor are ready to be unleashed into the world 🙂 The course was taught by Brigitte Carnochan and there are about 20 people in the class. For a few people, they had the book practically all planned at the start of the class. For others, it took a bit more work.

For me personally, at the 3rd session when we were presenting our materials to our peers and when we should already have most of the images nailed down, I was looking at just a dozen images that I didn’t know what to do with. One of co-instructors said to me, “Richard, I feel like you are holding out on me, these are (good) images but they are not cohesive to tell a story.” It was definitely a “uh oh, what do I do now” moment.

And so it goes. I learned a lot about pacing, editing, and presentation. My book combines my love for photography and calligraphy, and the theme of Asian Spiritual worship in its core. You can get a 15 page preview of my book Full Circle here:

A special edition of 10 copies is available for $100, each comes with an archival print and a hand written calligraphy of “Full Circle.”

I hope you can join us this Friday from 7-10PM at the Modern Book Gallery, 494 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA. You may purchase the books at that time.

June 29, 2009

“Full Circle,” My First Book

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Over at!! “Full Circle,” by Richard Man. Buddhist, Daoist, and Shinto images from Hong Kong and Japan, accented by Chinese calligraphy. You can get a preview of the first 15 pages from the blurb site.

More than just a photo journal book, the photos are arranged in themes. I am sorry that it’s a bit pricey, but unfortunately blurb has a high overhead for premium photobooks. There are over 30 photos, most of which are full size panoramic ~8.5×22″. There are interleaving calligraphy (with English translation), acting as chapter markers. The content and format make this a unique book.

Signed copies available directly from me. Limited edition of 10, each one with a fine arts archival print and an individual calligraphy of “full circle,” available for $99.99.

Please spread the words!

Modernbook Gallery has a book signing on July 17th, 7PM-10PM. I hope to see you there.

February 22, 2009

Fund for a Large Format Panoramic Camera

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Some of my best pictures are in panoramic format. It speaks to me at many levels. All of my panoramic are shot using a Fuji TX-2, which is the same as a Hasselblad XPan-2. It is not much larger than a 35mm camera (and smaller than most dSLRs)  and uses almost 2 frames of the 35mm for each panoramic frame. At 24x65mm, it has a ratio of 2.7x on the long side.

However, as this point of my photographic journey, I am considering moving to a large format panoramic. How large is large? How about 6×17 (cm) or 2.4×6.7 (in)? The ratio is nearly identical to the XPan but the negative is much bigger,  about 6.5X as large in area size. This means a much better tonal quality and sharpness.

Prior to 2005, the only choices of 6×17 cameras are $5000-$10000 boxes from Germany and Japan. Fortunately, the market opens up when a few Chinese manufacturers entered the market. The basic camera is really just a simple box, but their latest versions include features that the highly acclaimed $5000 Fuji GX617 does not have, for $1000-$1200. Since it uses any old large format lens, the choice is plenty and the cost is much more sane than 35mm lens.

I have sold some cameras and lens recently to cover some payments and I have reserved a small amount for the fund to purchase a Gaoersi 6×17 camera, but I have some ways to go. So here’s the deal: if you purchase a fine art print from (I just printed this one out on 16×16 rice paper, it looks gorgeous), the money goes to a 61×7 camera fund. If you want to donate a few dollars, click on the paypal button below. If you ever want to purchase a print later, I will deduct the donation.

Thank you.  (The Paypal page says “ImageCraft Creations Inc.,” that’s me 🙂 )

February 9, 2009

Storm Clouds and New Website

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First, my new website is live!!! You can look at the Portfolio, purchase Fine Art Prints etc. Let me know what you think. Second, a picture: “Storm Clouds:”

Shooting Tethered With Olympus E-System Cameras (E-420, E520, E-3, E30 etc.)

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The only way to shoot tether with the E- Cameras previously is to purchase the Olympus Studio 2 program. However, for $100, it’s a bit overkill if all you need from that program is the tethered shooting support, and use other programs such as ACDSee or Lightroom etc. for browsing or image processing. Since I am a software developer, I wrote my own. The job is significantly easier since Olympus publishes a SDK. I call it ImageCraft E-Capture.  You can get it by visiting, and click on “Photo Software” button on the left (the web site will be modified by this evening Feb 08 PST). It only costs $10… (Click on …more… to read the readme file)


January 30, 2009

FS: Fine Arts Prints

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IMHO, this print really captures spirit of the Chinese paining style of photography that I have been working on for the past few years. Now you can own a print of it on the finest Japanese washi (rice paper) for $50 (US), $58 (non-US) shipping included. The chop will be hand done:

I added a black border which makes the image stand out even more.

Please support your “local” artist, our Firstborn just got accepted by (hopefully first of many) a college. Financial aids status unknown. Thank you.

Other prints shown on this blog are also for sale. Inquire if interested.

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