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April 1, 2010

Moving to Our Own Site!

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Moving to !


August 3, 2009

Please Vote For Me…

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Please vote on my book on’s contest. You can now see the preview of the entire book! The contest closes Aug 20. Thanks.

March 11, 2009

And Then It Goes Boom!!

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Emergency notification service mail (and phone calls) received at 2:05 PM today:

This is a message from the [our city] Police Department. Police are investigating a suspicious package located in the [adjacent] block of [very nearby street] . Officers have contacted businesses and residents in the immediate area. A police perimeter has been established restricting access to several blocks on [very nearby street] while the bomb squad investigates. Please avoid the area until the police action is completed . This concludes the message from the [our city] Police Department.

Heard at about 3:15 PM:


Before the Boom!, I was assuming it is a false alarm, although clearly they were diverting cars onto our street. After the boom??? I took my camera out 🙂

You can see them at, click on Proof->Events, then “Boom in Palo Alto,” or

Breaking news here:

March 5, 2009

Ordinary Scene

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Neighborhood park. Little dog. Someone picking up golf balls on the side. Rainy, but yet sunny. A thoroughly ordinary scene.

February 8, 2009


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Flares are generally frowned upon, but I think this one works out nicely:

In the back is the historic San Francisco Chronicles building.

January 23, 2009

India, via Tibet, to China

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Today’s cultural lesson, from the Asian Art Museum, online gallery, object ID: B60S600. Text copyright (C) by the Museum

Simhavaktra Dakini, an enlightened Goddess of the Gelug order of Tibetan Buddhism, clears obstacles from the paths of those who seek enlightenment and provides inspiration and knowledge. The dancing Goddess’s hair blazes upward with the fire of wisdom. Her lion head indicates fearlessness in confronting all obstacles to liberation. Her cape is made of freshly flayed human skin, signifying her transcendence of the limitations of the human condition. The bone ornaments on her chest indicate that she has passed beyond the cycles of birth and death; the tiger skin around her waist symbolizes victory over all harmful passions and deeds. This figure once held a chopper, a skull cup, and a staff. This image of Simhavaktra Dakini was produced under the patronage of the Qianlong emperor and would have been worshiped in a temple in Beijing or its vicinity.

January 19, 2009

“Mel’s ‘rive-In”

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Mel’s is one of those “greasy spoon” that opens until 2AM. There are now 4 locations in SF and a couple in Los Angeles.

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