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January 24, 2010

Joshua Tree National Park

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10 years ago, my wife and I went to the Joshua Tree National Park and spent a magical few hours there. It’s a barren desertscape with joshua trees standing in rows like a Christmas tree farm. The trees are spiny, seems to be more like a study in geometric lines than botany.

10 years later, the sight is even more magical with the oncoming storm:

My main love is of course, B&W photos:

And here is the full set:



January 23, 2010

Salton Sea, 2010

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Salton Sea is like nothing else. A ring of towns becoming ghost towns. Dying fish lined the shore, RVs being swallowed up. The smell is different. The sight is different. It is like nothing else.

Yet life goes on. May be from a NYC band doing a music video, or the local kids who are never tired of the yet another sunset.

The full set is here:

I hope you enjoy it.

December 8, 2009

The Eye In The Woods

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I collected the Big Basin photos as a mini-photo essays. Check it out. Click:

Teaser pic 🙂

December 7, 2009

Grokking the Trees

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To be  a successful photographer (or painter, illustrator etc.) of a particular subject, you must grok the subject. You must see from the viewpoints of the subject, as well as the viewpoints of the viewers who will look at the photograph later. What are you trying to say, besides that you have brought a camera?

I don’t think I grok trees yet. I spent 5 hours hiking in the Big Basin State Park, often “petting” the trees, trying to get them tell me their secrets.

But they are mysterious. Their life is their own. One day, I hope to grok it.

November 22, 2009

Point Lobos

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The Northern and Southern trails run along this small California state park, perhaps for no more than 2 or 3 miles, but what a sight to behold. While Yosemite reminds you how small you are with its giant granite faces and unreal sized trees, Point Lobos is different. With the sea lions barking in the distance, the waves pounding at the rocks, the cypress trees stand proudly, it’s a unique place like no others. The ocean waves calm you, the texture of the beaches mesmerize you. No wonder this is the place where three generations of the Weston called home, and in their honor, in turn they named a beach after them.

A full set of 15 photos can be found here:

p.s. some people  inquired earlier: yes, any photos on my sites are for sale. Send me email if interested.

November 5, 2009

When Two Thousands People Join Hands

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Reclaiming Spiral Dance is one of annual “must-go” event for San Francisco area paganfolks. This year is the 30th anniversary of the event and when two thousands people join hands and dance the spiral, magic happens.

October 17, 2009

Two Thinkers

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Sometimes when I feel like I need a mental recharge, I just drive over to Stanford and just walk and photo the Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden – again. A small spot bound by parking lot, dormitory and roads, it’s a little magical place:

Of course I also  can’t resist photographing the other thinker:

The sign says something about “Use the Water At Your Own Risk,” and “Do not Dive” etc., but I doubt there’s any danger of that.

October 2, 2009

Because I Was There, Photographing At Yosemite

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As I was carrying two cameras hiking down the Panoramic Trail in Yosemite, one of the oft-heard comments was “you can’t take bad pictures at Yosemite.” A couple times, I jokingly replied, “yes, but I can try!” In all seriousness, while taking bad pictures is hard at Yosemite, how does one convene the scale and immensity of Yosemite? Besides, Yosemite has been photographed by everyone from Ansel Adam to a grandmother with a Kodak Max. It is almost discouraging to raise the camera to your eyes, and then think, “Why bother? This shot probably has been done before.”

In the end, you take photographs for your own enjoyment. The world through your eyes. So in the vein, here’s my images of the Panoramic Trail, ending with a few pictures from the Tuolomne Grove. Enjoy.

and the earlier color photos at:

July 20, 2009

With a Twinkle in His Eyes, and Two Hands Across the Door

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Fan Ho,  (my wife says I look like a total fanboy in this picture, and it is true 🙂 ), gave a talk recently at ModernBook. He found places where the light and background might potentially give a top class image and then… waited, and waited, and waited, until the moment it clicked. He used a  Rolliflex and with the  large 6×6 negatives, he edited and cropped to get the images he wanted. You can tell by the twinkles in his eyes that he is always looking for something new and different:


A couple days ago, 20 of us had a book signing event in Modernbook. Her’s one of my favorite photos from that evening:

The rest of the photos here: Modernbook Events.

July 11, 2009

Light/Life and Death

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I finished off a roll of film sitting in the Leica since Jan and found this:

As a Daoist and Buddhist, death is just a gateway to another period. However, I can’t help but to find a counter balance; so I cropped a photo I took a couple weeks ago. It’s more a Light picture, but what is Light but Life itself?

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